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I have chosen to take a different approach in making my book available to the public. While my book remains a work in progress, I have opted to make “finished” chapters available NOW, rather than waiting for the completed work because I feel my information is exceedingly valuable to prospective dog owners and current dog owners of ALL LEVELS of experience and inexperience. Consequently, I wanted to share my message, insight, approaches, and grasp of dog speak versus human speak…sooner, rather than later.

My goal in undertaking this approach is to make important, helpful, insightful, and valuable information available to the public instead of it sitting on my computer waiting for the completed project. Many owners and their dogs will benefit “today” as opposed to sometime in the future. I want to start making a difference NOW.

My website provides numerous articles on a variety of subjects. Most of the “articles” were written prior to and separate from the book, but there are several actual book excerpts which are noted as such. Subject areas addressed in my existing website articles are covered (or will be covered) in a more detailed and comprehensive manner in the book segments covering those topics.

The ARTICLES section of my website gives you an unprecedented opportunity to know who and what you are getting before you buy. Another advantage to this approach is allowing owners to access exactly the subject areas(s) of individual interest and need without having to read through yet another entire book to find the precise HELP they seek. You will be able to print your downloaded sections and place them in a notebook for easier and specific access instead of searching through an entire book to find that same information. My fervent hope is that this “specific” topic/subject accessibility and printability will allow more owners to effectively incorporate my approaches, make notations for their specific circumstances, and easily refer back to needed information…all of which will lead to a more successful end result.

The finished chapters of my E-Book can be purchased for download in WORD or PDF formats. As future chapters are completed, they will be made available for purchase. The E-BOOK Table of Contents will include the dates each chapter was made available, so you can periodically revisit the listing to find added subjects that are of interest, need, and consequence to you. Additionally, you will be able to provide me with direct feedback on your purchased chapters.

With the insight, understanding, and help you garner from my E-BOOK, you will have a deeper and richer relationship with your dog(s). My book will open the door to the magical, rewarding, and enriching New World awaiting you and your dog(s)! ENJOY and be prepared to experience more than you imagined was possible.

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