Deb Duncan is an "all breed" Canine Behaviorist. While she has owned dogs all of her life, it wasn't until 1994 that her life went 'totally to the dogs'! This was when Deb walked away from her previously, semi-normal life as a corporate seminar presenter and a motivational public speaker.

Deb has found her true 'life's calling' through her work with the dogs and their owners. She applies her background and experience in psychology and communication to the world of dog behavior and training. Deb has an uncanny ability to get into the 'psyche' of the dogs, their minds, their hearts, and their instincts. She has frequently been referred to as the 'doggie whisperer', the 'doggie psychologist', the 'translator'.

When listening to owners talking about their dogs, Deb is often able to tell the owner what their dog is doing and why, even before the owner has completed their explanation. An added aspect Deb brings to her behavioral work is her understanding of people (the owners) and their behaviors and correlating this knowledge with how it is affecting the dogs.

Deb has an in-depth understanding and grasp of the dogs, the dog world unto itself, the dogs' thought processes, emotions, reactions, perceptions of the human world, and how all of this ultimately affects their ability to understand human communication and live harmoniously by human rules. A key element in all of this is the basic understanding that many dog behaviors 'needed and desired' for the dogs to live harmoniously in the human/dog world are actually contradictory to the basic nature of being a dog. This insight is the foundation for Deb's grasp of dog speak. She helps owners bridge the communication gap between human speak and dog speak.

People who work with Deb are provided a level of understanding and insight into their dog and their behaviors that the owners never knew was possible. Owners come to realize and recognize 'how & why' their own actions and communications are perceived and received/understood by their dogs. Many times what people think they are communicating to their dog is different or even reverse from what the dog sees and hears through their language (dog speak).

As a dog owner, the single most important 'foreign language' you need to learn is dog language, dog speak. Have you ever done something you thought had to be very clear to your dog, and yet, your dog's reaction or lack of reaction puzzled you? This is an example of the language barrier between the dogs and humans. The dogs will always speak and understand 'dog', people speak 'human' (verbally and physically). The difference is not just a matter of French or German versus English. This is a language difference/barrier occurring between two separate species. The bottom line is, when you work with Deb you will better understand your dog and their language and you will learn to communicate with your dog in 'their' language.

When this remarkable level of communication takes place, the relationship between the dog and their owner forges a 'bond' that most people have never experienced. This is why even owners who are having no behavior problems with their dogs will contact Deb. They are looking to find this communication, forge a more complete relationship, develop an even more special and unique 'bond' with their dog.

In the area of behavior problems, Deb's problem solving abilities have provided successful resolutions to countless behavior situations that had been deemed 'hopeless' by other professionals. Some owners who had been advised that their only alternative was to euthanize their dog have found the help, the answers, and the guidance needed to live happily with their dogs.

Deb works closely with numerous all breed and purebred "rescue" groups and organizations. With her help, many dogs have been able to remain in their homes rather than being surrendered into rescue. And, many dogs who have found their way into various rescue programs have been rehabilitated regarding behavior problems stemming from abandonment, neglect, and/or abuse.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no magic pill, no magic wand to solve behavior problems. The best information and input in the world will only be as effective as the owner's ability to understand and to commit to do the work. It is the owners who have to do the actual work, assimilate the information and insights provided, and commit to the effort it will take to bring about successful results. Moreover, the success and results will be directly proportionate to your ability to understand and implement the recommendations. You can read ten volumes of canine behavior and training books and nothing will change in your dog's behavior unless you put the time, effort, and commitment into using the information. Consequently, whatever you are looking to achieve with your dog begins and ends with you.

If you are ready to enter into this process with an open mind, with a total commitment to the time and effort that will be needed to resolve a behavior issue, then Deb is the person who can get you there. Whether you need help with a specific behavior issue or want to more effectively communicate in general, or want to develop a better overall relationship with your dog, Deb can help.

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