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You came through again...big time. I've now read most of the items you've written on the drop-down menu. They're all right on, better than acclaimed dog books that we have. As for my puppy, he's let me know he appreciates your articles even more than I do.

I spoke with you back in early December when we were at a point of expelling our 9 month old westie from our house. We talked for probably an hour. I wanted to let you know the amazing turn-around that has occurred. We read your articles, took them to heart and starting treating our dog differently. He is becoming a sweetheart of a dog. When I try to explain to others what's different it's impossible, there is not one thing different, it's the attitude. It has really worked for us and the darling little doggie is developing into a sweet little guy.

Thank you for your help it's been a HUGE success at our home. It saved our family a big heart break.

What a welcomed well-thought-out answer!! Thanks a million. Our description of our puppy has just changed from "He's great, except he growls" to just plain "He's great".

Hi, I havent written in awhile. Lizzy is now housebroken and we are continuing to work on other "bad" behaviors". She is a doll and I wanted to thank you for your support in the early months. She is now 5 months old. It took 2 months to housebreak her and she is doing great! Cathy

Deb, thank you soooo much for all your valuable insight.

I cannot thank you enough!! You have been extremely helpful. I was so worried because I have dreamt of having a golden retriever and have her be wonderful for our family, and when this was occuring it really concerned me. What you have said makes complete sense. Again...thank you!!

Wow! Thank you so much for the helpful feedback.

Thanks for the help and teaching me Dog.

Hope this is a special week for you and again, thank you for teaching us how to understand "Dog".

I want to thank you again for all of your insight and help with our puppy issues. I read your articles to my family and we have started implementing the strategies you suggest in them. Frankie is really responding! It is something else. We are so proud of him and feel an even stronger bond and understanding of his "pack" world. I have a new respect for it.

Thank you so very much for your imput. It is very reassuring to know there are things we can do to "solve" his problem and with his problem there is still a long life span. Thanks again, I just knew Westie owners were special just like their "kids".

I will absolutely keep you posted. You have been an invaluable resource. Thanks again.

I've just come across your advice on the Westie site: Wow! you have given me so many great tips. We have a three month old female and are trying to do everything right this time. Never have we been totally successful with housebreaking any of our dogs, which have been (over the years) two Pekingese, a Scottie and a Westie. Your instructions are so completely understandable, so sensible; I want to follow you to the letter, but can't keep running to the computer to look up articles. Do you have a book we could purchase?

We have continued the "alpha" thing regarding mealtime and having him walk to his crate for his treat. He KNOWS the routine and (almost) runs into his crate at night. So, the growling at night problem is gone. Hurray! And thank you!

I'm so impressed with your quick and thorough responses..... What a great service to humans and dogs alike. The better we understand them, the more intimate we become with them and you make that possible. You are like the translater :-) Thank you.

Just wanted to say that this article (alpha) is very well spoken, conveys the alpha concept in very clear terms. Great job!!!

Deb, You are the angel. I'm trying everything that you said and she is responding. I sit on the kitchen floor and she come to me, she will lay down and then I pet her. I'm not going overboard. I gave Mozart a treat and she walked over so I gave her a small piece and she ate it. I will try to get her and the bed upstairs tonight. Now to find the exercise pen:) Thank you again for all of your help I really feel we are now going in the right direction.

Thank you for the beautiful letter. I hope you can see what you do for everyone. Your work is, (and I say this from experience), a truely wonderful gift. You also made my last few months with my Sugar, beautiful and you opened my eyes so I could see my Hanna for what a wonderful friend she truely is.

Dear Deb, Things are definitely looking up. Sparky has improved so much. I think the most gratifying thing is that his fear and aggression has greatly diminished. Ocassionally he will let us know he is not happy (growl) and we calmly tell him to be nice and he immediately settles. When we are on the couch, we call him up and he curls in our lap like he use to do. I even pet him! The re-crate training is going very slow. It seems to be the only thing he remains fearful of.I thought about buying him a new and bigger crate to see if that helps. Again I thank you for all your help. Your love and understanding of the Westie made all the difference because other trainers just don't know how smart these dogs really are. I feel we are on our way . With all my gratitude, Kathy

I haven't even finished reading your entire email but want to thank you sooo much for your response and wonderful wealth of knowledge.

Yes. I just re-read all of your wonderful information. I am printing your articles from the website. Thank you for your help, and my puppy, Cassie, truly thanks you,too.

Hope you don't mind, but I printed out your response about marking and gave it to the man on Monday evening when they first came. He was terribly impressed not only with your advice but with the fact that there is a behaviorist for our rescues. He is one of those outgoing "retired" men who is a shuttle driver for a car agency. He said that he even took it to work with him. He said that there were several people who read it and said the info was helpful to them or someone they knew! Pretty soon, Animal Planet will be knocking on your door.

Thank YOU! I will follow your advice, read the article and practice the techniques. You were on the money when you suggested that Kenna was just waking up. No more bed for Bailey! At least not until she gets older. You really give great advice. Have you written any books? And if so, where could I buy one. (See links at the bottom of this page and click on "Book")

I just filed your wonderful response about the "biter" under "Deb's Gems." I wish more people understood the stages of dog development and the Alpha concept. Unfortunately, for our dogs, I believe some owners are just not capable of being Alphas even if they do understand the concept. By the way, when's that book coming out? I'll put my order in now for an autographed copy, please. (See links at the bottom of this page and click on "Book")

Deb, you are a rare gift to Dog owners everywhere and your willingness to share your insight is unparalleled.

Your articles have been a godsend! Hannah and I are understanding each other better. She is beginning to understand the behaviors I expect from her and I am beginning to understand how she communicates with me! Thank you thank you thank you!

I had contacted you in July with many questions about our little Westie puppy, Weston. You gave us great insight into our little guy. I just wanted to write to thank you for taking the time to email us and share your articles and knowledge with us. Things started getting better soon after your emails. I just wanted you to know that you provided wisdom and encouragement when we needed it most. I'm so glad we hung in there. We are a happy and grateful family. God bless you as you help many people.

I went to the web-site and read the articles from Deb Duncan. I learned SO much from that web-site. I even got info on how to housetrain my adult sheltie rescue. I am working on that and with the yorkie and westie. I have a better understanding of pack-order and realized that I was confusing the dogs. I am making it loud and clear WHO the leader is and they seem to be getting along better. I have decided to keep the westie.

Thank you for letting me know about your web site. You have been a source of strength and understanding for me personally. Your guidance helped me through a very rough time with the conflicts between my 2 dogs, Sugar and Hanna. The insight you provided made the last year with my Sugar a wonderful, happy experience. Your support when my Sugar went to the bridge will never be forgotten. The advice you provided then and now, have helped me form a relationship with my Westie Hanna, that is more than I ever expected. As you have always told me, just listen to your Hanna, she will tell what you should do. I am always amazed at how little I know and how much she has to teach.
Thank you my friend.

Hi Deb, I just printed several of your articles - thanks much for the help - I'll give it a try for a week or so before "signing up" for more consultations, but I'm sure you'll be hearing from us as new issues come up - your site is in my "favorite places" - so just want to say thanks for the help you've already given us - we're learning more about life with Mindy every day - she's a treasure! Til next time, gotta go read my articles now!

Thanks for the information Deb. You truly do know your dogs! I am very fortunate to have read all of your articles and it seems that just this past week and a half, my pup has seemed to internalize a lot of the "rules" now has made tremendous progress. I have also noticed a better bond between us too. Thanks again for all the help.

Dear Deb,
Your advice about Riley has really helped. In two days he has shown remarkable improvement and seems much more relaxed. He really likes the harness. You can tell just by looking at him when I walk him-he holds his head up, more confident and right next to me! I took him to the vet and there was a large black dog there. He barked at him but did not growl or act out at all. The vet has a policy of keeping all dogs apart but it was a good introduction for him. We have worked on the door bell with him a little. That will take more work which I totally understand. The big challenge will be teenage boys but I feel so MUCH BETTER so I know it will happen. Thank you so much for the information.

re: Blind Dog
I just wanted to let you know that I have heard from the ultimate recipient of the info you were kind enough to send on the September 2, 2004. The dog has improved greatly with the info you provided for his care in this situation. The owner is truly grateful and feels they can work out the problems and says the dog seems well and happy, is very active and almost his old self. So many thanks. It makes me happy to hear such a good ending for a handicapped dog. (Of course he doesn't now know he's handicapped).

I stumbled onto your site in my search to understand our newly adopted pet's behavior. I loved Deb Duncan's article on "Understanding your "Adopted" dog... dog with a past." It was the first article that I read that actually explained how to deal lovingly and with understanding with a "dog with a past". I have read several and most of the time the prognosis was pretty bleak.

Deb's article was very helpful and I can't tell you enough how much it meant to see somebody say that with time and love you can teach a dog how to live with his new pack.

I just want to say thank you. Your articles are fantastic and I can hardly wait for your book to come out. You make perfect sense and and give such sound ideas.

Hi Deb, I came across your site on the internet and found the information to be the best that I have seen anywhere. Thank you!

Laddie has come so far and is a changed dog!!! A couple of local behaviorists had told me "he may never change" but we are just amazed and understand completely now (finally!) how to think like a dog thinks! Thank you so much!!

I just got off the phone with Deb Duncan. I can't thank you enough for putting us in contact with this truly amazing person. We had a clear, understandable and very precise conversation about issues surrounding our newly adopted Westie's anxiety behavior. The insights provided by Deb were right on the mark and were pearls of wisdom that we would never have thought of by ourselves. She was able to explain the probabilities of our Westie's situation and gave explicit advice on how to deal with them.

I can't thank you enough for the insight you have given me. I was so worried almost all day for the past week about our little munchkin. After reading your articles last night, I felt like I had a whole new perspective, understanding and patience with our boy. He also seemed to respond better to me last night which made me so happy.

I have been looking through your website and reading your articles, and I just have to tell you THANK YOU! You get to the point and write so well, you explain things simply and clearly.

I have been reading up this and that about crate training and house training and its all so much reading and so much information to sift through. I learnt 1000 times more reading through your website than reading 10 books!

Thank you very much for your speedy and informative response to my email concerning my puppy with sleep incontinence. Thank you, also, for directing me to your site. I have spent the last hour reading a lot of it. I have had dogs all my life. I adore them and take my responsibility for their care and training very seriously. To that end I have read many books on the subject over the years...most of them were quite good and there was something I was always able to get from them. Your information is the best I have ever read...not so much the "how to" is indeed excellent but for the most part I was already approaching most training issues as you suggest. It was the "why" that was, for me, so beneficial. Having a better understanding of the why will, I know, improve my overall relationship with my dogs and for this I am very grateful. I will indeed be wanting your book and will read every page of it. Thank you very much...I don't doubt you are very good at all areas of what you do and I will certainly use your consultative services for any future challenges that I can not unravel on my own.

Thanks Deb for your website. I just recently got a 14 month old yorkshire terrier and your site has helped me greatly in trying to understand my dog. Just wanted to say thanks alot.

I just wanted to commend you on the awesome web site you have obviously poured so many hours into creating and maintaining. My wife and I adopted a ten week old Westie a week ago and your site has been a DAILY God-send coaching us through every step of the way. Thanks for the wealth of info! I know you've made a world of difference in this Westie's life because you've helped us understand what he needs to be happy. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much for this most comprehensive article. You have done a great job teaching the reader as to how they should behave towards their four-legged companions.

This is just an appreciative message to thank you for your support. If you may kindly acknowledge, I shall be encouraged to seek your advice about a newly adopted, two year old female GSD that must have been badly hurt in her previous accommodation.

I am also glad to inform you that with a bit of logic and love, I understand that I have approached her properly to date (she is with us since four days now).

With my deep respect.

I started reading the chapters of your book that I thought pertained more toward Laddie and am loving it! What a fabulous job you did! This is going to be such a useful reference and tool when I can't figure out what to do. I can't thank you enough. Laddie says to tell you a BIG thank YOU from him and says "finally someone understands me" !!

Just a note to say "THANK YOU!!!" from both Lily our new little Westie and us. We only had her a day and I was going crazy with trying to figure out how to get her to figure out that she had her inside and outside behavior confused.

I read your article on the West Highland website and it was like somebody turned a light on. We have made progress already and it has been less than 24 hours. Reading thru the tips, I felt like I should have been continually slapping my forehead and saying "well, duh" (if I wasn't nearly 50, that might make sense).

Just printed your guide to crate training and we are going to begin that today.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge so I can do a better job training Lily and ensuring that she is a happy, healthy little girl.

Hello Debbie,

I am so grateful for your article about bite inhibition in dogs. I have adopted a 6-8 month old puppy two weeks ago, and she plays with her mouth, just as you described here. I have been trying to teach her not to bite, and making very slow progress, but the minute she gets outside and excited, she forgets. In reading your article I now understand more about it, and I am encouraged. Your example of how to teach a dog not to bite makes so much sense.

Thank you so much!

Just read your Potty Training help on the internet and Thanks - it is the best advise I have had to date.

Your articles are great and I'm so happy to finally have found someone's article who doesn't sound absolutely hysterical about aggression. Or what they think is aggression. After spending money on several books, I've finally found advise that really works. I have a Newfoundland puppy. Maggie Mae is 15 weeks old and I've been terrified that she's an aggressive dog because of the things she does that you point out are normal. I've read so many articles about the giant breeds needing far more discipline and extra careful etc ad nauseum. But she doesn't know that - she's just a puppy and we are learning together. Thank you again for your common sense approach to raising a puppy. Maggie and I feel much better.

Hi Deb,
I just finished reading some of your articles and I feel so much better. It's great to finally find someone who knows the difference between aggressive and assertive. I have a 15 week old female Newfoundland and have been worried about her mouthing and biting. Maggie is just so smart and sweet but this one thing had me really worried because she'll get so big one day. I'll be useing your advise instead of some of the hysterical books I've read on the subject. I had an incident with her the other night where she came at me but I realize I created with my behaviour and then escalated it. I've since corrected MY behaviour. I'll order your e-book this week and again thank you for your helpful articles.

Just had to write to thank you for the “Bell” method of house training our pup. Here it is, less than a month, and she’s ringing her bell as if she’s been housebroke all her life! Have to say, for a while there, I just didn’t think she was getting it but, by god, a few days ago my daughter and I were watching TV and the bells went off! She’s never missed since except when I had her leash in the kitchen so I could go and get the paper. You are so right about the flexibility this will give us, especially when she goes to visit Grandma and Grandpa and now she can “tell” them when she needs to go outside.

Anyways, as I’m sure you’re told constantly, your advice is worth Millions.!

Ms. Duncan,
I found your article on the internet and printed it a few days ago. It is very insightful and I wanted to thank you. I don't have a Westie but "just" a mixed terrier from the shelter, but I had been unable to find any information to help me what seem to be obvious "adopted-dog" issues.

When we adopted the dog, I was able to learn from the shelter that he was raised in a family with three young children. While this has given him a very tolerant and adaptable temperament, particularly since I have two young children, I eventually began to conclude that he was not just raised with children but rather by children. Your article gave me such a new approach to helping him to adjust his reactions to his new circumstances. I was going about it all wrong before.

Thanks for your time in making your articles available to the public.

Good Evening Deb,

I wanted to write you a quick note and tell you how much I appreciated your article on suggested jobs for dogs!! We have an 11 month old female Westie that is obviously bored most of the day and has come up with the usual "fun" jobs (in her mind). Barking!! at everything and a new one of attempting to chase cars when we are out walking. Then of course there is the digging, but we have areas that she is allowed to do that in, and that is where she is her happiest.

Anyway, everybody suggests the job idea, but only references things like the agility or obedience classes. your article was THE FIRST to give me ideas of everyday tasks at home that she can help me with. Some of the idea were not practical or we were already doing them but it got the creative juices flowing and I came with a few that will work well.

So thank you soooo much for offering such practical suggestions, I know this is going to make a huge difference in how happy she is.

With many thanks.

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